Animal welfare

I read a blog recently which promised only one thing,  irregular blogs. I like the sound of that, so am adopting it as my own. I am only really writing this time to push the  ‘Ban Live Export’ movement. I turned vego at 11 once I made the connection between meat and animals and feel very strongly about animal welfare.  I have attached a great article by Jane Fynes-Clinton (Courier Mail) who has recently turned veg. Worth a read as it was published just prior to the Four Corners expose on live export. I admit I didn’t watch the Four Corners programme. Just reading newspaper articles  (with accompanying graphic photos) about the Indonesian abattoirs was enough to keep me awake at night.  Being a total wus when it comes to seeing pain and suffering (human or animal),  I am in awe of the wonderful work done by Lyn White and Animals Australia. Like many other Australians, I sent emails and letters of protest to politicians and the media.  I just hope that the suspension of live export will become a total ban.

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The Doggy Discussion Board

Sox, as the canine author of Dog Logic has been asked to lead a discussion board on Best Friends Rescue Facebook this Thursday night (21st April).  As you can imagine, he is very excited by the prospect of pontificating and philosophising with doggy obsessed humans.  Snowy has offered to do his Thursday night guard duty.  This is very generous of her, but I’m sure she will expect some type of reward, most probably a bone.  She may be small and very cute, but she’s a terrier after all.

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Best Friends Rescue

I gave the wonderful folk at Best Friends Rescue (BFR) a paws up in my last blog.  I’m happy to announce my lovely and very generous publishers have decided to support BFR.  With every Dog Logic sold online, Big Sky will donate $5 towards BFR.   This is a real win win situation.  As both Sox and Snowy are ex RSPCA pound puppies, the plight of the unwanted dog is something close to my heart.  There are far too few feel good stories associated with animal welfare, but this is most definitely a positive one.

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Post book signing relief

Mary Ryan's New Farm book signing

As you would realise, the very fact that I am blogging, means I survived the book signing. It wasn’t quite what I expected.  Due to space constraints at Mary Ryan’s New Farm store, I didn’t get to sit in the air conditioned luxury surrounded by wafts of brewing coffee. They set me up just outside, in the steamy Queensland heat.  On the positive side, the table was rather lovely; round and wooden with a certain old world charm.

Sox’s photo beguiled many as they walked past and as for the paw stamp!  This has proved to be a real success with the dog loving public. There were many ‘how cute’ gasps as I explained it was a genuine Sox paw print made from a genuine Sox paw.  While there were many who slowed and smiled, and even quite a few who actually stopped to flick through the book, sales were not brilliant. Maybe a number of the ‘lookers’ will return and purchase at a later date.  I live in hope.

Thanks very much to the lovely staff at Mary Ryan’s for inviting me along.

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Pre book signing nerves

Well tomorrow is ‘B’ Day, as in book signing day.  This will be my second ever such event and I suspect it will be quite a different affair to my first signing in Gympie, last year.  That went swimmingly and apart from a slow start, I had a fun time chatting to friends, work colleagues and family.   As an added bonus, I managed to sell about 10 Dog Logics in the hour I was there.   Tomorrow it is Mary Ryan’s bookstore at New Farm, where I know no one.  Eeek!

I have promoted this event shamelessly on numerous Facebook pages as often as I can without becoming a cyber pest, so there isn’t really anything else I can do.  As the day creeps inexorably closer, the anxiety attacks are coming thick and fast.  What if no one turns up and I don’t sell any books?  What about the awkward moments (minutes? hours?) when I am all alone at my table, the unsold books weighing heavily at my side, staring out at the big wide shopping world. Double eeek!

After doing a frantic web search for book signing etiquette, I came up with some sensible advice which quietened the butterflies. A ‘successful’ book signing is when the store has your books in stock, a chair is supplied and you sell one book… must keep this in the forefront of my brain tomorrow.

With this slant on things, Saturday is actually looking fairly good for a predicted steamy, sultry summer day.  Air conditioned shop? Check. Chair to sit in? Check. Coffee and cake close by? Check.

So with a framed Sox photo, Sox paw print and Sox adorned t-shirt in my bag, (but no actual Sox), I am ready to take on the world, or at least the Mary Ryan customers.  Wish me luck!


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Australia Day

I admit to being an Australia Day Grinch.  It is a day which brings out the best and worst in people.  There are the family b b cues at the beach with the customary Vegemite, pavlova and lamingtons.  I have no problems with this custom and indeed spent my day this way, albeit without the sweet treats.  Then there is the overt patriotic fervour which compels some of our fine citizens to adorn their cars, houses and bodies with the flag (most likely made in China), the proliferation of the ‘Australia – love it or leave it’ stickers and the aggressive defence of all things ‘Aussie’.  This I do have a problem with.

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The Floating Toilet and other Scatological Musings

There haven’t been many light moments throughout the Queensland floods, however the case of the ‘floating loo’ did raise a few chuckles.  In a previous life, this was a portable toilet block from a service station in Maryborough.  The flooded Mary River decided it needed some sea air and kindly transported it into Hervey Bay, where it was spotted (and photographed) by local jet ski operators, Aquavue Watersports making its way to Fraser Island for a bit of R & R. The Fraser Chronicle reported that the the toilet was still usable, but the paper wet!

Natural disasters have a way of reminding people what the important things in life are.  When panic buying set in, it wasn’t Camembert cheese, pate or fine red wine that went, but the basics – milk, bread,  batteries (no electricity remember) and toilet paper.  Suddenly I could see the benefit of having a husband who liked to ‘stock up’ on grocery items. We have copious cans of fish, enough coffee to last 6 months and as for toilet paper…there are so many rolls sitting silently, waiting their call of duty in our bathrooms, I momentarily had visions of setting up a toilet roll stall at the top of our driveway and selling them for a hugely inflated price.  But it was only a temporary moment of madness.  Toilet wrap monopoly doesn’t have much glamour. Apparently some shop keepers came up with the same idea and there are stories circulating  of rolls being sold for princely sums!!! In the Badlands (read marooned western suburbs of Brisbane) toilet paper may even become the new currency.

Courtesy of Fraser Chronicle and Aquavue Watersports

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