Dog Logic

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Keen to turn your disobedient dog into the perfect pooch?  Tired of man’s best friend ending up in the doghouse? Why not take an informative and entertaining walk on the wild side, with Dog Logic, a  book which offers a unique view of the world, one that is both canine created and related. Whether your best friend is a blue blood or a bitser, Dog Logic has got them licked. With 19 chapters covering issues from barking, beds and biting, to worrisome walks and everything in between, Sox offers his humorous but practical advice on resolving your doggy dilemmas. Supported with terrific tips from Bark Busters, the alpha humans of the dog training world, each chapter provides both canine and two-legged advice that is fun, uplifting and relevant.

Combining the creative genius of Sox the Philosophical Pooch and his human assistant Robyn, Dog Logic is the must have book if you already have a dog, or are seacrching for the ideal canine companion. It’s also a great gift idea for your dog friendly family and friends. Suitable for ages 12 + and anyone who has a passion for all things that are furry, four legged and bark.


REVIEWS (Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars)

Entertaining and useful advice for dog owners. Goodreads

A hugely entertaining read, funny and thoughtful, yet at the same time able to impart information that is both practical and useful to all dog owners.An informative and extremely enjoyable book. BSP

Humorous advice to help owners solve doggy dilemmas. Courier Mail

Dog Logic tells in straight from the dog’s mouth…this is the perfect book for understanding your pet. Launceston Examiner

This is very easy to read and should be a mandatory purchase for all dog owners. Sunshine Coast Daily

A wonderful book for dog lovers everywhere. Dogs Life

Trade published and available as an eBook and paperback through Big Sky Publishing  as well as Booktopia, Amazon, Book Depository and good bookshops.