Animal welfare

I read a blog recently which promised only one thing,  irregular blogs. I like the sound of that, so am adopting it as my own. I am only really writing this time to push the  ‘Ban Live Export’ movement. I turned vego at 11 once I made the connection between meat and animals and feel very strongly about animal welfare.  I have attached a great article by Jane Fynes-Clinton (Courier Mail) who has recently turned veg. Worth a read as it was published just prior to the Four Corners expose on live export. I admit I didn’t watch the Four Corners programme. Just reading newspaper articles  (with accompanying graphic photos) about the Indonesian abattoirs was enough to keep me awake at night.  Being a total wus when it comes to seeing pain and suffering (human or animal),  I am in awe of the wonderful work done by Lyn White and Animals Australia. Like many other Australians, I sent emails and letters of protest to politicians and the media.  I just hope that the suspension of live export will become a total ban.

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