Midget Bones’Diary


Paper back $24.75

Also available as an eBook

Written by Robyn Osborne

Publisher Puppy Care Education

Release date November 2014


Following in the paw steps of Bridget Jones, comes the memoirs of a very special mongrel –  Midget Bones’ Diary. Written by Robyn’s clever canine companion Snowy, aka ‘The Bones’, it follows the trials and tribulations as she adjusts to life outside the shelter that has been her home for many years.  Witty, winsome and just a little bit wicked; Midget Bones’ Diary will put the ‘p’ back in every dog’s life. Pick up a copy soon.  You’d be barking mad not to! Suitable for ages 12 + and anyone who has a passion for all things that are furry, four legged and bark.

REVIEWS (Rated 5 out of 5 stars)

 A must-read for those looking for a hilarious take on what rescue dogs think. Dogs Life magazine

Fantastic little book for all ages, I love it. Booktopia

This book is hilarious! There was never a time I stopped grinning from ear to ear while reading it. It was very entertaining and enjoyable. You would even love all the characters in the book. Seriously, this book helps you to de-stress. I loved it! Goodreads

A howling good read. Booktopia

A very amusing book with some great quotable quotes from the feisty little heroine. My dog-loving teenagers enjoyed it as well and our house currently rings with Midget quotes. It also manages some pathos and is a great way to promote the ‘adopt, don’t shop’ message with humour. Goodreads

This hilarious book is a wonderful gift for anyone with a sense of humour and essential reading for any dog lover. Booktopia

A brilliantly written tale  filled with many clever puns and anecdotes. A must read tale for any animal lover, five stars! Amazon

This is a very funny, very cute book, beautifully written from a dog’s point of view. Anyone with a dog will appreciate Midget’s diary, and even if you don’t have a dog, it’s an excellent read, full of laughs and great imagery. Amazon

This book is suitable for young adult and older readers who enjoy reading amusing animal talesBuzz Words Books

Snowy and Socks – the inspiration for Midget Bones and N.B.

Snowy – the ‘pawthor’and inspiration for Midget Bones’Diary

Snowy – incognito