Pre book signing nerves

Well tomorrow is ‘B’ Day, as in book signing day.  This will be my second ever such event and I suspect it will be quite a different affair to my first signing in Gympie, last year.  That went swimmingly and apart from a slow start, I had a fun time chatting to friends, work colleagues and family.   As an added bonus, I managed to sell about 10 Dog Logics in the hour I was there.   Tomorrow it is Mary Ryan’s bookstore at New Farm, where I know no one.  Eeek!

I have promoted this event shamelessly on numerous Facebook pages as often as I can without becoming a cyber pest, so there isn’t really anything else I can do.  As the day creeps inexorably closer, the anxiety attacks are coming thick and fast.  What if no one turns up and I don’t sell any books?  What about the awkward moments (minutes? hours?) when I am all alone at my table, the unsold books weighing heavily at my side, staring out at the big wide shopping world. Double eeek!

After doing a frantic web search for book signing etiquette, I came up with some sensible advice which quietened the butterflies. A ‘successful’ book signing is when the store has your books in stock, a chair is supplied and you sell one book… must keep this in the forefront of my brain tomorrow.

With this slant on things, Saturday is actually looking fairly good for a predicted steamy, sultry summer day.  Air conditioned shop? Check. Chair to sit in? Check. Coffee and cake close by? Check.

So with a framed Sox photo, Sox paw print and Sox adorned t-shirt in my bag, (but no actual Sox), I am ready to take on the world, or at least the Mary Ryan customers.  Wish me luck!



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2 responses to “Pre book signing nerves

  1. Carla Johnson

    Good luck Possum! I am sure all will be good. I have just finished D.O.G. and enjoyed the story and lifes little lessons. Thought I recognised the Blackley dogs name!? Loved the little person in the top right hand corner to flick through. I will be taking D.O.G. to Hornsby Heights Public School to put in the library. Carla

    • Thanks Carla. It went well, although my dreams of an air conditioned shop weren’t realised. Mary Ryans at New Farm is tiny, so I sat just outside the front door in the heat. The occasional drift of the arctic air from the store kept me from melting. Sox’s ‘pawtograph’ was well received with many ‘oh, how cute!’ type comments.

      Glad you liked D.O.G. and yes, you did recognise some canine characters based on real life dogs I have known. Sox and I would love some feedback on Dog Logic when you finish it too.

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