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Best Friends Rescue

I gave the wonderful folk at Best Friends Rescue (BFR) a paws up in my last blog.  I’m happy to announce my lovely and very generous publishers have decided to support BFR.  With every Dog Logic sold online, Big Sky will donate $5 towards BFR.   This is a real win win situation.  As both Sox and Snowy are ex RSPCA pound puppies, the plight of the unwanted dog is something close to my heart.  There are far too few feel good stories associated with animal welfare, but this is most definitely a positive one.

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The very first blog

All very exciting because this will be my very first blog…or at least I hope it will be. As I am overwhelmed simply with the thought of sending my blog into cyber space, I’ll keep it short.  As the blog is rather ho hum, I’ll attach a photo of my cute dog, Snowy.  Soooo cute.

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